This weekend fast-food chain Wendy’s went in on Twitter users roasting the hell out of them

The event coincided with the promotion of their mobile app. Anyone who purchases with the app through January 11th would receive a free small Frosty. In addition to that, some lucky Tweeters would also be receiving the dragging of a lifetime by whoever runs Wendy’s social media channels.

Wendy’s has long been known for having the most savage Twitter account of any fast-food chain. They’ve been roasting customers and celebrities for years, so them this was just business as usual. Here are some of their victims who got dragged to hell and back:

They cooked this guy for his haircut

To be fair, he did sort of set them up for the shot with that tragic haircut.

Damn. A guy’s hair is a very sensitive subject. Wendy’s didn’t have to snap this hard.

Probably ruined this guy’s confidence for the rest of his life

Yikes. This guy probably will never be able to muster up the courage to talk to a girl who isn’t his again.

Poor Brock, he’s even the douchey name to go along with this photo.

Already ruined this guy’s marriage

If you look closely, you can see his smile slowly leave his face. Rumor has it the honeymoon was canceled and Brandon is living at a Motel 6.

Speaks for itself

Butterfinger learning what people really think about them 

Ask any trick-or-treater and they’ll confirm this.

This person called out Wendy’s weak roast and immediately regretted it

Allison here was really asking for it. She wasn’t ready.

Not bad, Wendy’s. Sadly, Allison wasn’t satisfied with it and proceeded to dig her own grave by asking for more.

*Flame emojis* Ouch. Some people just can’t learn to quit while they’re already behind.

Even Mr. Peanut wasn’t safe from catching the smoke

Brutal but it’s also the truth. *Kanye Shrug*

Ask and you shall receive…

Update: She still hasn’t fixed it.

Won’t even give this guy a chance

He has 45 subscribers…

Called out his hairline

Be careful what you ask for…

Just to be fair, we gave their station a listen. Wendy’s is right, they suck.

Wilson can’t catch a break


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