While the world waits to see what develops out of the MGK-Eminem beef, in the meantime, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are giving everyone plenty to talk about.

The rift between the two female rappers took a turn for the worst last week as they both were spotted at a New York Fashion Week party. Things quickly got heated between the two, as they traded words with each other. According to TMZ, Cardi wasn’t trying to start anything but wanted to clear things up about some rumors that Nicki was allegedly spreading and comments she made about her parenting.

As tensions rose, Cardi escalated things further by throwing a shoe at Nicki, and then shit hit the fan. The encounter can be seen in a video released by TMZ. The incident took place around 9:40 pm as Cardi started screaming, “I’ve let a lot of sh*t slide! I let you sneak diss me. I let you lie on me … But when you mention my child, you choose to like comments about me as a mother, make comments about my abilities to take care of my daughter is when all bets are f**kin off!”

A few days after the altercation, Rap-Up reported that the Bodak Yellow rapper feels no remorse whatsoever toward throwing a shoe at Nicki and would gladly do it again.
This is the latest chapter in the ongoing feud between the two rappers.

Back in December when the Migos song Motorsport came out, featuring both women, rumors quickly started swirling that the two were not on the same page and that a feud was brewing. Shortly after, in an interview, Cardi B accused Nicki Minaj of changing her verse after she heard hers. Months later, in an Instagram live, DJ Akademiks played the original verse Nicki recorded for the song. In the first verse she wrote, she gave Cardi B a shoutout but removed the line from the final version of the song. That only furthered rumors of bad blood.

Even back in August of 2017, many speculated Minaj took shots at Cardi in her song No Flags in the line, “lil b*tch I heard these labels tryna make another me, everything you getting little hoe is ’cause of me.” Minaj, however, denied that it was intended as a dig at Cardi on twitter.

The feud, however, did not end at their dust-up at the NYFW party. This past Tuesday, Nicki Minaj responded to the fight on her own Queen Radio show by accusing Cardi of building her whole career off of sympathy and payola. Payola, as the Daily Mail writes is a “secret or private payment in return for the promotion of a product, service, etc.”

The accusation did not sit well with B, who took to social media to post a graphic of her album Invasion of Privacy at number 3 for best selling hip-hop albums of 2018 thus far, captioning it simply, “THE NUMBERS DONT F*CKIN LIE.”

Things took a political turn when on Wednesday, the day before the New York State gubernatorial primary, Nicki Minaj tweeted out to her followers, “VOTE Thur. Sept. 13 for Gov. Cuomo…” endorsing the incumbent Democrat who faced a primary challenge from progressive activist and Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon. Predictably, the next day, while the polls were still open, Cardi B posted a photo of Nixon on Instagram, telling her New York followers to “VOTE NOW !!!!!! #cynthia,” throwing her weight behind the actress turned politician. As the results came in, however, it was clear that Cuomo would survive his primary challenge. Though no diss track has yet to be released, it’s safe to say, if political endorsements matter, Nicki appears to be up one over Cardi.


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