Entrepreneurs spend years gaining experience and resources as they wait for the right time to finally take the leap and start a company. As it turns out, entrepreneurial hopefuls might be able to achieve their aim of founding business years sooner, if they live in the right place.

A new study from LendingTree reveals which major cities in the U.S. have the youngest business founders. Using data from business owners seeking funding, the study compared ages of business founders on their companies’ dates of origination in the 50 largest U.S. cities.

The average founder’s ages when starting their business ranged from 37 to 42 years old. This five-year gap in average ages might seem small, but it can represent many factors that work for or against entrepreneurs in each city.

Here are the ten cities where young entrepreneurs are making their mark and forming the next wave of million- and even billion-dollar businesses.

10. Austin, Texas

Average Founder Age: 39.02

9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Average Founder Age: 38.98

8. Portland, Oregon

Average Founder Age: 38.79

7. St. Louis, Missouri

Average Founder Age: 38.77

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Average Founder Age: 38.74

5. Charlotte, North Carolina

Average Founder Age: 38.21

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Average Founder Age: 37.97

3. New Orleans, Louisana

Average Founder Age: 37.95

2. Buffalo, New York

Average Founder Age: 37.91

1. Salt Lake City, Utah

Average Founder Age: 37.81


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