Breakups are hard and when you end a relationship with your partner, a haunting question clouds your mind, “Should I give this person another try?” This little doubt opens up the floodgates of ‘could haves’, ‘would haves’ and ‘should haves’, and you spend the rest of your time downing one bottle of whiskey after another, wondering if it’s better to get back together. Here are signs that you should give your ex another shot.

1. Enough time has passed

The old adage is very true indeed, time does heal most (if not all) wounds. After spending a few weeks and months apart, the two of you have matured and come to the realization that it’s time to start anew. If that is how you feel, ring your ex up and let them know you miss them.

2. The main point of contention

If the source of the problem that drove you two apart has been solved, then perhaps it is time to get back together. For instance, you broke up with your ex because you two were in long term relationship, but now that you have moved to the same city together, ask her out again. Maybe you ended things because your ex focused too much of their time on work and less on you, and if they’ve realized this problem, it’s time to get back together.

3. You both have the same goals in mind

You two were polar opposites and had nothing in common going for each other. But if you and your ex have turned around to share the same goals and ideals, you should definitely give each other another shot. Perhaps you didn’t want kids and your partner did, but now you both want little versions of you ransacking the place. Perhaps you wanted to run a business and your partner didn’t want taking risks, but now you’re both working on your own startups. If you want the same goals in life, give it another shot!

4. Your new relationship isn’t exactly working out

Sometimes all you need is a new relationship and time away from your ex to realize just how much you two were compatible. If you suddenly see yourself facing the possibility that your new partner pales in comparison to your ex, it’s time to unblock your ex and give them another chance.

5. You have aged and matured

Both time and age have made you and your ex wiser. The same little things that annoyed you before no longer stand in the way. If you restart your relationship at this point in time, you will be dealing with a more mature person who has been through the same ups and downs in life as you. What better time to get back together than now?

6. You feel miserable without your ex

If you suddenly feel that you miss your ex and made a terrible choice by dumping them, call them up to fix a meeting. Life is short and not worth wondering what you’re going to do without your better half. Don’t waste time, and slide into their DMs!



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