Carlos Zetina definitely changed the game with this one. It all started as a feeble (or maybe bold) attempt to reach a girl named Nicole, whom he had met the night before at a bar. Zetina decided to email every girl named Nicole at the University of Calgary. “Nicole” gave Zetina her number, however, turns out it was the wrong number. This is when things got very cumbersome for Zetina, but being the go-getter that he is, he was ready to tackle this obstacle and find Nicole (if that was even her real name).
Making sure no stone was left unturned, Carlos made sure he emailed every Nicole, Nicolette, and Nickie with a University of Calgary email. True grit. This mass email included students, faculty and even ASSISTANT DEANS. Shoot your shots, Carlos!
“At first I was pretty confused and didn’t know what it was,” Nicole Maseja, a University of Calgary employee, told BuzzFeed News. “Pretty soon after that, some Nicoles started replying to each other.” Carlos was determined, thorough and serious. However, that did not stop the Nicoles from having a laugh at his unconventional tactics. The Nicoles threw jokes back and forth in the group email “Will the real Nicole please stand up??” and “Should we all say we’re the real Nicole?” Reinventing the classic Spartacus move for the social media generation as bonds spawned.
The army of Nicoles orchestrated a girls night out and a handful of them congregated at a tavern that night. Nicole Manaog was in class when she got the email. “Before this, I didn’t really know any Nicoles but when I met people yesterday, we’re all from different faculties, but we all have similar personalities and we all kind of clicked,” she said. We joked that we should have a Nicole network within the university.”
After the laughs settle and friendships were formed, some Nicoles were concerned “Nicole” gave Carlos a fake name and a fake number. An investigation ensued.
Turns out the power of social media is stronger than realized. “The Real Nicole” had reached out to the group. “Hi, fellow Nicoles, I’m the exchange student from Holland who got brought home by Carlos last night and thinks that Nietzsche is quite depressing!” She wrote in an email. Nicole added “Don’t have a U of C email so didn’t get the beautiful email myself, but the powerful network of Nicole’s helped me get in touch hahaha. Would love to meet all of you sometime in the future!”
Shoutout to Carlos for swishing his shot and for forming a bond that the young ladies will never forget.


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