“Would You Rather Have Gold Made Out of Poop or Poop Made Out of Gold?”


New Technique of Smuggling

Smugglers worldwide are becoming more innovative and clever to get their paycheck, and some of their tactics are baffling authorities and people all over the world. The most recent incident is where a Sri Lankan smuggler converted gold into a paste form and tried smuggling it from Colombo, Sri Lanka to Hyderabad, India. The form of gold paste is taking the Internet by storm mostly because it looks like shit.

The smuggler was supposed to retrieve the gold past from a plane and then transport it through the Hyderabad Airport in India, pictured above.

The Indian Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials at the Hyderabad airport intercepted a passenger who was carrying two unidentified packages. The officials seized the packages from the smuggler and later found out that the paste contained gold content. The paste itself weighed in at 1.850 kg (4.08 lbs) and found the gold content was around 1120.780 grams (2.5 lbs) which is estimated to be worth over $50,000 USD. Officials had to heat the paste to extract the gold. Watch this video on how the DRI extracted the gold.

According to DRI officials, the gold was concealed in the aircraft before the flight took off in Colombo by an associate of the smuggler. The smuggler was given the job to retrieve the gold from the aircraft and smuggle it thru the Hyderabad airport. This incident is the first time anyone has ever been caught smuggling gold in the form of paste anywhere in the world. Proving that the human brain is capable of thinking of crazy, absurd ways to produce these remarkable products. If your girlfriend ever asks you to buy her gold jewelry show her gold in its paste form. She may reconsider whether she wants that gold necklace.


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