Yop Poll Archive

Will Bhad Bhabie be bigger than Beyoncé?

Does this song slap?

Who would win in a fight, Beyonce or Bhad Bhabie?

Who's going out on a stretcher?

Who's riding HOV lane all the way to the ER?

Who's walking out alive?

Who's really the queen of rap?

Battle of the Asses

Who got it? Everyday Bro or These Heaux?

Drizzy or Serena?

Who's winning?

Witch or Wizard?

BSB all the way

Who has the better very particular set of skills?

Who's winning that belt?

Rack City or Astroworld??

Which one is really deserves to be Knighted?

Who ya got?

Are you rappin' or rockin' around the Christmas tree this year?

Which song always gets your chestnuts roasting?

Which of these classics makes your heart grow three sizes?

Which song did more for the culture?

Which featureless King tugs harder on your heartstrings?

Bonus: Which is the Christmas classic of all Christmas classics?

Who is the worst of the two Paul brothers?

Would you have sex using a Tanacondom

Trisha's hair is on fire, you have a bucket of water, what do you do?

Which of these are you leaving behind in 2018?

Which tacky trend isn't sticking around til 2019?

2018 is over: _________ is cancelled. Who/what is it?

Do you think PewDiePie is actually racist?

Who do you most want to see get murk'd in the new Celebrity Deathmatch?

Mariah Carey or Lil Jon, who has THE go-to Christmas anthem?