YouTube is a strange place. Some of the most head-scratching things you’ll ever see are here. And some of the worst people on the planet. Many suspect the antics that take place on YouTube are part of the reason why aliens won’t talk to us. Here are a few YouTubers who successfully managed to ruin their career:


PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, recently landed himself in some boiling hot water after giving a shout out to another youtube channel, E;R.

While PewDiePie frequently features shoutouts at the end of his videos, this one in particular drew controversy due the channel’s reputation for promoting antisemitic and racist content.

One video on E;R’s channel includes a joke about the death of Heather Hayer, a protestor who was killed during the 2017 ‘United the Right’ rally by a neo-nazi. He also had a video banned by youtube in which he complained about “race-mixing.”

The video that Kjellberg, who claims he was unfamiliar with E;R’s content before he promoted him, commented on contains a description that uses racial epithets toward African Americans.

Sadly this isn’t the first time PewDiePie did something problematic. Back in 2017, Disney cut ties with him after a one month span turned up 9 videos that used anti-semitic language, swastikas, and Hitler salutes. The nail in the coffin was a video in which Kjellberg paid two men to hold up a sign containing gross hate speech against Jews.

Basically PewDiePies’ Youtube career is just an endless cycle of routinely canceling himself every few months for good measure.

Do you think PewDiePie is actually racist?

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